Cubs may need help from above

Wedding Photographer Chicago

Carlos Zambrano will pitch in the Cubs opener against Atlanta.

The Chicago Cubs open their 2010 season on the road Monday, April 5th against the Atlanta Braves. After disappointing finishes the past three years, will the new owners finally help the Cubs put together their long awaited world series run? Carlos Zambrano takes the mound again and hopefully, will have better luck than on previous opening day starts. If the Cubs have another famous collapse, look for more empty bleacher seats at Wrigley Field in September. I’ve worked as a Chicago photographer for many years and shooting the Cubs has always been one of my favorite assignments. I think this team has a good chance to win the division this year and trading Milton Bradley can only make things better. ¬†Go Cubs!

Wedding Photographer Chicago

Will the bleachers be empty in September?

Wedding Photographer Chicago

Can the Cubs with their division and succeed in the playoffs with it's current roster?

Wedding Photographer ChicagoWedding Photographer ChicagoWedding Photographer ChicagoWedding Photographer ChicagoWedding Photographer Chicago
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